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Children's Arts & Crafts Luncheon

Community Programs - Children's Arts & Crafts Luncheon The basic components of an arts and crafts activity are to pass the time, calm the mind, and stimulate creativity, ofen resulting in increased self confidence. This trait is a building block of St. Francis Food Pantries & Shelters objectives.

Creativity and self-expression are key factors in the development of our children. It was with this purpose in mind that St. Francis Food Pantries & Shelters added the "Children's Arts & Crafts Luncheon." The afternoon begins with basic instructions in crafts, followed by a period of personalized creative encouragement by our volunteers. A healthy catered lunch is served, and the afternoon continues with music, dancing, and the completion of the craft projects. Each child receives a gift bag with art supplies, puzzles, activity books, and even a new toy. The day is a creatively charged recreational outing for the children served by our Pantries.