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Ernie & The Big Newz

Community Programs - Ernie & The Big News One of the major causes of hunger is illiteracy. "Reading Together" addresses that issue, beginning with the children we serve.

St. Francis Food Pantries & Shelters expanded their "Reading Together" program for the children of their Food Pantries with the help of Ernie Anastos, FOX News anchor. The program now features him presenting a special reading of his new book Ernie and The Big Newz - which is an inspirational story about achieving your dreams.

Ernie echoes the message of his book by involving the children as young reporters reading news items and appearing on large screens for all to watch. His reading is highlighted with beautiful illustrations from the book by Bill Gallo, artist for The Daily News.

Each child receives a free copy of the book, and at the conclusion of the program, is presented with their own "Press Cards" making them all official junior reporters. The children enjoy their visit with this special author and new friend.