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Mother's, Father's & Grandparent's Day Luncheons

Community Programs - Mother's, Father's & Grandparent's Day Luncheons The parents and heads of households of the families served by St. Francis Food Pantries & Shelters are met daily with the demands of providing food, shelter, clothing, and basic needs of life to those living with them. St. Francis Food Pantries believe in recognizing the difficulties these people face by offering celebrations in their honor.

It is with great pride that members of our "Family of Sponsors" and volunteers host annual Mother's, Father's, and Grandparent's Day Luncheons. These luncheons are embraced each year with joyous anticipation by the adult clients of St. Francis Food Pantries & Shelters who are long in need of a brief respite from their daily struggles. Terrific meals are created by talented chefs and caterers and served by cheerful volunteers. There is also music and dancing. Gifts are also provided to the adult guests to make the luncheons an extra special treat just for them. In addition to the food and entertainment, it is the social gathering that nourishes their spirits with great fellowship and appreciation.