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Social Services - Food Pantries

Food Pantries

The St. Francis Food Pantries are a unique network that alleviates the immediate need of hunger by feeding poor families each week, and seeks to remedy the structural or emotional issues that generate hunger.

Our Food Pantry clients are the working poor in the New York area. They are domiciled people consisting of seniors, single mothers, families and singles living in SRO's.

Each Food Pantry determines the best way to distribute groceries, diapers and toiletries. For example, one may open one day a week and give a week's worth where another may be open daily to meet everyday needs. This also includes access to our network of social workers. The St. Francis Food Pantries are able to accomplish this through the hard work and dedication of its volunteers. They solicit donations, unload trucks, sort and bag food, maintain inventory records, and cheerfully register the clients.

St. Francis Food Pantries: For I Was Hungry, And You Fed Me