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Social Services - Literacy Programs

Literacy Programs

One of the major causes of hunger is illiteracy. If someone can't complete an application, they can't get a job or apply for entitlement programs. "Reading Together" addresses that issue, beginning with the children we serve.

This motivational program was developed with the goal to invite children of St. Francis Food Pantries & Shelters to become book friendly. Many of the children in the Pantries live in homes that are two dimensional, namely vocal and visual only through TV. Their households do not have books, newspapers or magazines. Free books are distributed to each child attending, and often accompanied by visits from the authors.

Last year's selections were The Cat In The Hat and Green Eggs and Ham. Each child received copies of both books and many Cat In the Hat treats. By creating a safe, friendly, entertaining environment and serving a healthy snack, a child can become interested and even curious enough to read.

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